Friday, May 1, 2009

Unicorn Poem #2

O, the unicorn is a subtle, constant, exceptional friend, She counsels

The deserving with wisdom from youth through lifetime's end

Ah! Her diamantine mane, glittering horn, shimmering brain

Posit the unicorn as the question, the answer and the means to explain

All of life's ample mysteries, the world's resounding fits, our spiritual bits

As inexorably as we mortals would go down the cosmic drain for nitwits

I wandered long and lonesome in realms of pre-empted desolately dejected dispossession Searching in vain for grandiloquence, composure, serenity in my so-calledprofession

Though I sojourned long and loud, ragingly proud, somewhat papa-oo-mow-mowed

The phantasms of real reality and solidity did not emerge from the crowd

Then my mind stood still one fine day when apropos of nothing a rambling Unicorn I spied
Green of grass, spin of wheel, still of air, free of will, tall of tree, uni of corn, blue of sky
Communicated there was the words I could not hear but only thought when left unsaid
The unicorn had come and gone and in the hilltop meadow left me all alone instead

Unicornity is its own informity, in its enormity as you and I and we are to conformity bred
The words that the unicorn hadn’t said are the words left back inside of my head

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  1. Well said! Still am a fan on the Uni of Corn poems!!! You should check out Charlie the Unicorn on Youtube, it's priceless fun.