Friday, May 29, 2009

Low-res, poor content quality dream

I'M BATMAN, DADGUMMIT!Some dreams are sharply detailed and some are sort of sketchy and blurry - and yet the blurry ones can stick with you.

This dog of a dream was sort of stupid. No, make that really stupid and low-resolution. In the dream there is a gigantic Batman flying around in outer space, killing monsters. The background is sort of that purplish-blue ink they used to use in the old Batman comics. The dream went on for quite a while, but it wasn't very clear what kind of monsters Batman was killing or why he could survive in the vacuum of outer space or why he was gigantic or how he got there or why he was fighting monsters and actually killing them, rather than simply vanquishing them like he does in the comics.

The dream became boring in its murkiness and I woke up. My thoughts about the dream seemed more entertaining than the dream itself, you know - really poetic thoughts, none of which I can remember. Ah, that's the ticket. A really blurry, poor quality Batman dream, poorly remembered. And you know, I don't even think there was any Batman theme music playing. What a cheap-ass dream. It could have maybe used some Prince music played on a Fisher-Price xylophone, at least.

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