Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Makeses It Into An Poem

I Makeses It In To a Poem

I has been out in the yard looking straight up

at the materializing objects

They is right as usual you think

by three smash landings of a Hall of Mirrors.

It just shook, lay dead,while I was asleep

when I should have

The roar in fury at the dead day

or another w/ stumbling statues around the

deputation & then I’se followed suit

with the robot devastation of Saskatoon,

oh fo’ sho’

when they rounded the mountain of laughter

and to the command post came to where

the beasts was at, “I called in the goats,

but was shaped more like the piazza

across the street in a mounting laugher

from a zoo or something,”

said Magumba Twaszedewskis Brown

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