Thursday, May 28, 2009

recurring dream motif dream

So, this is a very common type of dream that I had last night. I have this sort of dream a lot, so much so that sometimes in the middle of the dream I think "Oh, not this dream again!" and wake up.

In the dream I was going to a class, this time in Junior College, for some reason and of course, I am very ill-prepared. As usual with this kind of dream, I have been missing this class for weeks, show up and am in a world of hurt. The teacher immediately announces that its time to turn in our final papers. I, of course, have no final paper, having been goofing off all semester. On top of that, the final exam starts. Even worse, I can't even think what class I'm in.

I start looking around for paper to at least write my final paper, and then do the exam. I have no paper. I ask the dude next to me, a big Egyptian guy for some paper, but the paper he gives is light blue, has print on it and has photos. That wouldn't look good on my final paper, especially since its going to be off the top of my head and written in blue pen.

I screw around for awhile trying to find blank paper in what he has given me with no luck. So, now I decide to hit some of my other fellow students for paper. I ask one woman for some blank paper and she says, "It depends." I say, "I need it for my final paper." She says, "You didn't write your final paper? I wrote two. Do you want to buy my extra?" Now, I start thinking, "why am I going to school if I'm not going to even write my own pathetic final paper?" but I relent and say, "Okay, I'll buy it." She says "You will have to change all of the pronouns from she to he and like that."

Now I'm picturing in my mind a final paper that has cross-outs and corrections on all of the pronouns. Not only that, but class is passing rapidly past and I haven't accomplished anything.

At this point I wake up.

These dreams are bad. I graduated from college 36 years ago and still I'm having them. Usually I just can't remember what classes I'm taking, which isn't as bad as going to the end of the semester and finding out you haven't done anything.

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  1. haha yes we have talked about this dream before. I always have one class i didnt show up for all year thinking im getting away with it then they say i cant graduate, I say but i have a career, Im a chef, and it doesnt seem to matter, an I think why do i have to do this Im a Chef, I dont need school then it usually ends