Monday, April 27, 2009

Yoga or the News?

So here's the deal: the news was starting to make me feel bad, like the end was near, bad things were going to happen, there was no hope and I was getting stressed out. Now, bad things weren't necessarily going to happen to me and bad things hadn't really happened to me, but the news told me over and over it was so. Its a brainwash. Why? Why would the news media want to brainwash me into a state of stress? Who knows? Its just the nature of the news, I guess.

Anyway, I quit watching the news. Problem goes away. Gee, funny how that works. Its all negative junk which I have no power over anyway, so banish it. Now, I still dabble in the news via the internet, magazines and the newspaper, but its my news now - stuff I want to keep up on and that can benefit me. International and national news I use as a smorgasbord - nibble a little of this and that, but when it gives me a little heartburn, screw it. Do something else.

Something else like Yoga, you know. Yoga, it turns out, is a pretty cool deal. You go at your own rate, do as much as you can that day and it pays you back in peace of mind and physical well-being. It figures since its been around for thousands of years and you don't hear much about it on the news - that its pretty good stuff.

So, that's a good trade off, the news for Yoga. Health and so forth instead of unnecessarily contrived stress.

And, after all, what is the news? Its somebody's idea of what will sell Viagra today. Something sensational that will keep the geezers glued to their sets long enough to see the latest multimillion advertising blitzkrieg engineered by the pharmaceutical companies. Viagra, Boniva, etc etc. Don't buy that shit, do yoga instead.
By the way, the dude in the picture is Lord Ganesh. I learned about him in India when I was there. Every year there is a ceremony where he goes back into the Bay of Bengal and everyone is sad, because Ganesh is the Main Man, everyone's friend, good luck and all of that. You gotta love a guy who when he lost his head, looked around for a replacement and found an elephant head. Pretty righteous tale, there. When I'm talking to my business associates in India and things are rough, I tell them I'll talk to Ganesh and ask for things to get better and that makes them happy. You know, whatever. He doesn't have anything to do with yoga, I don't think, but he does sit around in stylized poses all the time, so maybe he was yogic before they got yoga, hey huh?

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