Monday, April 13, 2009

PC Hood Ornament

I don't like to work when I actually have to apply myself. When I can work and its completely effortless, that's okay. But, working with effort, ugh! That really sucks. It seems such an intrusion on the beauty of life to even HAVE to work, so when it involves effort or unpleasant or annoying tasks, forget it.

I'm referring to work here as the phenomenon that happens in reaction to the necessity of supporting oneself and one's family financially. What a distasteful thing this is, even to contemplate, associating as it does the lack of freedom with $.

So, when at 'work', I like to work at total efficiency, friction-free and complete everything I need to accomplish by about 10 a.m. Then I'm free to skylark the rest of the day, you know - do things like contemplate reality, take a walk, fuck around with my blackberry, go to lunch, go to the bookstore and goof off real good. I find that if you get all of your crummy assignments done in the most efficient manner possible, you can pretty much stick to this schedule. Of course, there's a lot of illusion necessary. You have to talk a good ballgame without actually lying and not actually appear to be goofing off too badly, but those are small concessions to the necessities of coping with odious things like "having a job."

Ah, well. Gee, I should be working now, but am doing this instead!

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