Friday, April 24, 2009

Los Indios Tabajaras play their guitars too slowly

You know, this is sort of a test to see what the stupid google ads will come up with. I mention something about my feet and they have an ad for foot surgery. I mention Hank and they have ads for Hank CDs. Now what will they do? Ads for guitar picks and Incan music?

So these dreams I have, I don't know what the heck. I dreamed I had to drop off this really tiny baby at UPS to have it shipped somewhere. (Yeah, already this is bad - I'm a doomed soul and all of that!) Where I have to drop the baby off is this stone quarry sort of place thats all dusty with these dumb truck loader guys running around, rolling in the dust and just sort of acting all stupid. I keep asking for a supervisor to take this baby off my hands, for Pete's sake. Before you know it, the whole day is passed and they're changing shifts. Rather than worrying about the baby, I'm concerned that I'm wasting a lot of time and that I might have to KEEP the baby and change its diaper and all that. So, I go over to the baby and look at it and its got dust all over its face and I'm thinking, Wow this is great, the baby's getting all tired and dirty and these dummies won't get it shipped out of here for me.

Can you believe how callous and irresponsible this dream is? Unbelievable. All I want to do in this dream is get this baby shipped out on UPS. I woke up at this point and tell Patty about the dream and boy, is she ever impressed. Good start to the day, right? I'm 5th from the right, top row above, btw, c.1962

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  1. dont worry i have had a re accurring dream about having to roast baby heads for stock. I get a delivery of like 50 baby heads in a box, throw them in a hot roasting pan then in the oven, while im putting them in the oven i say hey what the fuck am i doing, then wake up, and it never makes sense.