Monday, April 20, 2009

Quit licking my toes, oh - all right

As I sit here right now, the little dog pictured here, Buddy, is licking my toes.

Persistently. Why does a dog lick your toes? For taste? For minerals and complex compounds? Yeast? Salt? To exhibit some dog-centric ethic of inter-animal interaction? He's not talking, but I guess I could read about it in one of those Canine Psychology and Self-Help books.

Another thought - he was licking the foot that has plantar fasciaitis (ie: heel hurts like murder). Maybe that's the interaction he was doing - healing the toe. (that's a pun right there).

So, I have a complex relationship with Buddy - he usually only wants to hang out with me on his terms - when I want to hang with him, uh uh nothing doing.

He's not a very "good" dog, but he has gotten next to me more than any dog or cat I have ever been associated with. He has gotten into my head and emotions further than most people ever get. It seems stupid, but dogs operate with humans on a really subtle level. Why can't they be the perfect dogs we want them to be? Well, what fun would that be?


  1. I'd go with the salt hypothesis.

  2. he looks like he could have a human body. man with dog head

    Bog doy

    DOg boy