Friday, April 24, 2009

More cuts featuring Neil Young

Neil Young isn't cutting enough records and releasing enough box sets, DVDs and movies but that he now wants to play all over Booker T Jones' latest Disk, Potato Hole. Neil plays that big blurry guitar, which isn't what you expect when you tune into Booker T and the MGs because his original guitarist - Steve Cropper was known for the tight guitar lines.

But since Neil had that brain tumor he has been going like a man possessed - its been one release and re-release after another. He's like Dylan now - play the endless tour until you die. But these guys aren't likely to die. They're doing that Willie Nelson thing.

So maybe Bob, Willie and Neil would be a good old codger supergroup. Booker T could play the B3 behind them. That would be something. Except the last time I looked, Willie (at Farm Aid '08) wasn't as compelling a performer as he once was. Maybe he could play every other song or every other set.

But back to this Booker T disc. This is pretty good drive time music recalling the MGs (Green Onions, Hang Em High, Mrs Robinson, all of that) - all soul instrumentals in the Stax Records vein. My man burned me a CD, so I got to listen already on my way home.

So my affiliation with Booker T goes back to the time of the picture on the previous post, when I was playing Little League and Green Onions was on the radio. Booker T was 17 at that time, I think.


  1. doesnt neil young play Hank Williams Martin guitar that he bought for millions of dollars. that is awesome, i bet it makes good music, especially if you drink hadacol before you play it

  2. Yeah, he wrote that song, "This Old Guitar" about it. Its on "Prairie Wind" and he played it on David Letterman.