Monday, June 29, 2009

Why did the black bear cross the Bucks County road?

Yesterday we were near Springtown in Bucks County, Pa driving to some awful place when I saw a bear stroll out of the woods and onto the opposite lane in front of me. He was about three feet at the shoulders and just slowly walked on out across the road, into the lane in front of me and off into the woods. I slowed down when I saw him and made sure he got well off the road before I went to pass by.

It was quite the unusual event. Bears are fairly rare in Bucks County, I think and its not often that you see a bear outside complete wilderness areas out here. I was shocked, to say the least, but have to say - these critters are pretty impressive. He was very powerful looking and fairly big. I was glad he kept moving, too.


  1. I have had a lot of encounters with bear type creatures while back packing in the UP of Michigan.
    I met lots of bear hunters who claim they have never seen a bear, meanwhile, microdot goes swimming in river and huge black bear comes and eats backpack and steals clothes, microdot has to run around in the woods trying to find clothes clad only in Annette Funicello Beach Party Towel...this really happened in the Porcupine Mountains?
    Why is this?
    Backpackers smell like peanut butter.
    Hunters smell like guns.

  2. Some believe that when you have a salient encounter with an animal like this, it means something for your life. You could Google "Bear Medicine" to find out what the bear wants to tell you just now.