Monday, June 15, 2009

Storm King Art Center

We went to this Storm King Art Center just over the Jersey Line somewhere in New York and it was pretty happening. Its like this big rolling park of 100 Acres or something with enormous sculpture all over the place. Its so big you have to take a tram, like DisneyWorld or something and listening to annoying people yammer about how they can't figure out what sculpture was done by who.
The place is really great, but the guard told Steve not to climb on this big boulder next to the long boulevard in the center of the place, which we thought was an unnecessary fascist intrusion on our "happening" we were happening to have.
It was a sunny day, not blurry at all - although some of my cell phone pictures were. My favorite sculpture was this white thing that looked like a row of picture frames set on a hill through which you could see other gigantic sculpture. Nice.
Actually, I like the collossal sculpture - if anythings worth making its worth making gigantic in an Olympian setting. I think it would be worth having a sculpture park as big as one of the National Parks with stupid amounts of sculpture, not just Mt Rushmore, you know something like 80 square miles of enormous sculpture. You would really have something then, correct?
We also did other great stuff, like go to Guy Jones organic farm where he gave us some heirloom tomato plants. Dude, that place was off the hook, like Weird Old America or something. We ate brunch in this really rustic farm setting overlooking a creek. It was crazy good.

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