Friday, June 12, 2009

Blow Brain Clogs Free With Mental Dynamite!

Are your BRAINS CLOGGED? Thoughts won't flow? Ideas are painfully constipated in the center of your brain-stem? Staring into space without blinking trying to wonder if you can ever have another thought?

That's right! Eat Mental Dynamite if you're a Mental Dwarf and your mind will explode into millions, billions, trillions, dodecadillions or directions at once.

"But John, what is mental dynamite?"

Well, its the finest solution of mental ex-lax ever developed by brain chemists, that's what. Once you take it, you'll be thinking so much so fast so brilliantly that you won't have time not to think any more. You'll have Brain Diarrhea.

Thinking so much you can't move? Stuck in one place for hours while ideas pour through your brain like whitewater over 1,000 foot waterfalls into swirling, bounding, ponderous, powerful seas? Thinking so fast that you are drooling with a dumb smile on your face?

You have BRAIN DIARRHEA! That's what.

Take some MYSTERY MESS, it will slow those thoughts down to a crawl, slower than molasses.

sign of the 3 eyed men


  1. sounds like the opposite of the stuff. Mike told me the stuff was about communism, what do you think about that

  2. I thought it was about pressured conformity, which can apply to a political system, any social group or to an individual putting pressure on the self. Totalitarian systems rely heavily on pressured conformity, its true. I would have to review the film for specifics to communism.