Friday, June 26, 2009

Ha, today's lunch poem is about.....the UNICORN!

What possible manifestations

Has the Unicorn?

rapidly coursing full tilt through the ruined monuments of time

all in liquid, muted motion soundlessly rushing

That horn, that flashing of brilliant white in moonlight

where eagles fear to tred

(as if eagles could walk

or Unicorns fly in the eagle's eye)

how far has the Unicorn come or will he go? I am not to know

& is this something I have seen or have I dreamed

for the Unicorn is will made flesh, not sorry for his state or mine

watch for him now and see if you know

anything you thought you knew
think what you do, think what you don't

for if you do, I have another better story for you

if all things fall within the depth of the Unicorn, what lies without?
what mystery of night does the Unicorn know about?

1 comment:

  1. Well, neat! It feels like a Unicorn is visiting me right now.