Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You Can Lead An Old Dog to Water But You Can't Trick Her Into Drinking, Even If She is Dying of Thirst

The title says it all, although somewhat adage-challengedly. Mixed metaphorically (not really metaphors)

The hardest thing to do is know yourself, apparently.  (Didn't Robbie Burns have something on this?)

Someone I know is "highly invested" in the pretense that "Nothing has changed".  However, don't we all know the other adage "The only thing constant is change"? 

"Just act like nothing has happened. Ignore the 800 pound gorilla / man behind the screen / obvious." No matter what.

I suppose we are all guilty of vanity and pretending that "EVERYTHING IS FINE!!!!!!!!" but this case of which I speak is ridiculous.

For my pains in pointing out the obvious, I get scorn and ridicule and other people get plastered in the wake of unprincipled anger and spite.  Doing the right thing is seldom any fun.

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