Thursday, July 12, 2012

Philosophy for Yin Yangers

Philosophy Today, Inc

Noted philosopher, Tironius N Firnbaxter XIV, pictured above has informed us that "sometimes, on rare occasions, Black is White, but that White is never Black".  Although this seems counter-intuitive to me, as white must needs be black in the absence of light, far be it to me to question thinking from this level of intelligence.
Firnbaxter has said that "At its semantic and ontological core, Black is nothing more than White, with the 'whiteness' set to negative".  One has to wonder about this, the walrus said.  It is reasonable to bugger the semantics of a thing to get it to be something else, but its first cause is usually unquestioned.  What, does Black start out White, then graduate on up to Black?
More on this to follow.

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