Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Surf Music

Having listened to all available surf music I could reasonably allow myself, both in the sixties and during the subsequent revivals, I have to stop and bark out my opinions.

The 3 top documents of Surf Music I believe are:

Surf Music: the Hits Surf Music: the Instrumentals

Endless Summer Ventures Play the Greatest Surfing Hits of All TimeWorld's Greatest Surf CD

The Ventures CD ranks number one with me. It was recorded in the 80s, masterfully, by the real originators of the sound: 4 guys who never strayed much from their roots. This thing rocks and I listen to it QUITE OFTEN, I must say.

Dick Dale never did it for me, but some might consider him King of the Surf Guitar. 

Also, there's the Cowabunga! Surf Box for all of the surf music you ever want to listen to.  I'm not too keen on this. has a bunch of really great surf cd reissues as well

You could argue for Disk 1 of the Beach Boys box set, Good Vibrations - that's all surf music in there. A better bet is their second album, Surfin USA, a real good one.

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