Monday, July 6, 2009

Bailin' with Palin / Fireworks in Flemington NJ

Bailin' with Palin
1. If you quit, no one can be disappointed with what you do (because you won't do it)
2. She's quitting to help Alaska and the US
3. "Caribou Barbie" pin-up posters anyone?
4. Stop the "Politics of Personal Destruction", Palin wasn't "Pallin' around with terrorists", after all.
5. No more "gotcha" journalism, she's no got.
Flemington Fireworks
Man were these boss!
1. Glowing Turban of Fire
2. Sidesnorkel Sizzle Blaster
3. Recombinant Twirling Arc Monster
4. Contraboom fidelity cannister
5. Puzzle Flower of Destruction
6. Mayhem Accelerator of Death
7. Smoke Chisel Face Warmer
and thats just a few of the spectacular fireworks blown off in Flemington for the Fourth of July. Dude, I know: I was there!

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