Thursday, August 6, 2009

Inclusion Training

A couple of weeks ago I went to mandatory inclusion training where I work. This is training we have because the top management of my company is still white Ivy-League males and we are called upon yearly to atone for their race-guilt and to enable their feelings of class entitlement. As you can imagine, this is only a grin and bear it exercise one endures to maintain one's pay-check.

I had the opportunity to role-play the role of a racist boss.

A racist boss.

What I learned: I hate role-playing (already knew this.)

also: I hate white, entitled Ivy-Leaguers (already knew this.)

also: I hate inclusion training (I had my consciousness raised in the late 60s, dammit!)

also: the "target" audience for these classes is old, white guys (guilty)

A lose-lose-lose situation, these courses just reinforce class/race stereotypes while making everyone feel bad.



  1. Oh my gosh, I can so relate. Here I am in a course for teachers being made to work in pairs and groups and learning how to get students to work in pairs and groups when I myself detest working in pairs or groups. DETEST. By the time the "handout" has floated on the air current down to the surface of my desk, I have already skimmed it and arrived at all the answers. WHY make me go through these motions?
    Oh, well. Did your tolerance of old white guys get stretched any? Rhetorical question, sorry.

  2. i hate people who like to talk about things, but don't experience them first hand. it is all ideas. ill hire anyone as long as they can work hard, anybody can perpetuate their own stereo types if they want to. Ill never feel guilty, i guess if you feel entitled or it was given to you and was easy then you would feel guilty, but whatever if you worked for it then fuck it. we are at a state of being too politically correct, and it is boring. sounds like it sucked, and i would hate those people too. It seems racist to make you role play a racist boss?